Conference Research Title Datesort icon
The Sixth International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Activating Organizational Learning Capabilities through Service Operations Design Tue, 2016-03-08
The Sixth International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Impact of Change Orders in Construction Sector in The West Bank Tue, 2016-03-08
7th International Forum on Engineering Education Minimizing ABET Review Process Uncertainty: the Role of Innovative Quality Assurance Tools Wed, 2014-12-17
Fifth International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Building Self-Organizing Logistics Systems: Prospects for reverse logistics Wed, 2014-12-03
14 AIChE Annual Meeting The Impact of Effective Staff Involvement on the Successful Realization of ABET Requirements Sun, 2014-11-16
POMS international Conference, Singapore Learning from chaos: the advent of antifragility in service organizations Mon, 2014-07-21
25th POMS Annual Conference, United States Mass customization in higher education: the advent of the vanguard method Fri, 2014-05-09
The 2013 IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management, and Control, St. Petersburg, Russia Systems Thinking for Service Delivery Design: A Real Time Mass Customisation Model Wed, 2013-06-19
POMS 2013, Denver, Colorado, USA Enhancing service organizations resilience through systems thinking Fri, 2013-05-03
4th POMS-HK International Conference The role of ABET quality assurance in identifying engineering education deficiencies: A diagnostic tool Wed, 2013-01-02
PMA 2012 Conference, Cambridge UK The Application of Vanguard Method to Enhance Service Workers Performance Wed, 2012-07-11
4th World Conference POM, Amsterdam,ISBN: 9789491621000 Enhancing resources utilisation in service industries: an economical crisis exit strategy Sun, 2012-07-01
The Third POMS-HK International Conference Lean TPM for Healthcare facilities: An Implementation Methodology Thu, 2012-01-05
International Conference on Exploring Services Sciences: IESS1.0, Geneva, Switzerland Lean Manufacturing in Public Services: Prospects for Value Creation Wed, 2010-02-17
The First POMS-HK International Conference, Hong Kong Organic Structures in Call Centres: Implications for Affective Commitment in Manufacturing Enterprises. Wed, 2009-12-30
19th International Conference of RESER, Budapest, Hungary Systems Thinking for Call Centre Service Operations: Implications for Affective Commitment in Manufacturing Enterprises Thu, 2009-09-24
QUIS 11: Moving Forward with Service Quality, Wolfsburg, Germany Affective Commitment Stimulation Through Systems Thinking Thu, 2009-06-11
ICMI Call Center Demo & Conference, Miami, USA Value-Adding to the Manufacturing Enterprise Through the Use of Call Centres Wed, 2009-02-25