ICMI Call Center Demo & Conference, Miami, USA

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Research Title: 
Value-Adding to the Manufacturing Enterprise Through the Use of Call Centres
Ayham A.M. Jaaron
Chris J. Backhouse
Miami, Florida, United States
Wed, 2009-02-25
Research Abstract: 
Call centres are one of the most growing and preferred means of service delivery in today’s ever-changing market. They are contributing to the economy of many different countries around the globe. They have significant potential to provide support to an organization with business intelligence captured during contacts with customers. The use of an Organic Structure approach to design call centre operations is likely to create a rewarding working experience that increases the Affective Commitment (an employee's positive emotional attachment to an organization) of frontline employees and thus decrease turnover rates and absenteeism. Organic Structures are based on the idea of involving employees in the process of decision-making. This suggests that the ability of employees to control the work and to decide about the way they handle and receive information is a key factor of improving productivity and service quality. The Organic Structure of call centre helps the integration of call centre within the manufacturing enterprise to enable the flow of information that governs the speed of service and eventually service quality.