QUIS 11: Moving Forward with Service Quality, Wolfsburg, Germany

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Research Title: 
Affective Commitment Stimulation Through Systems Thinking
Ayham A.M. Jaaron
Chris J.Backhouse
Wolfsburg, Germany
Thu, 2009-06-11
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Research Abstract: 

The objective of this paper is to report on a case study conducted at a UK city council to explore the relationship between improving the service operations using a “Systems Thinking” approach and the “Affective Commitment” of frontline employees within their call centre. The case study was carried out using administrative documents, face-to-face interviews, structured questionnaires and direct observation to collect data from both key management informants and employees at operative and strategic levels. The case study finds a strong relationship between the “Affective Commitment” among front-line employees in the call centre and the form of call centre service operation systems used.