The Sixth International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

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Research Title: 
Impact of Change Orders in Construction Sector in The West Bank
Mujahed Staiti
Mohammed Othman
Ayham A.m. Jaaron
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tue, 2016-03-08
Research Abstract: 
The nature of construction projects is complex where many of factors and variables play significant roles. So, when change orders occur all projects performance is strongly affected. This research aims to investigate the impact of change orders on project performance in the West Bank, in order to take proactive measures to minimize changes during construction. The main objectives of the paper are to identify the main causes of changes occur in construction projects in the West Bank and to highlight the potential effects of change orders on the Palestinian construction industry. In addition, to assess the current practices of change orders management within the construction companies in the West Bank. Results from the study show that change orders in construction industry occurred more frequently for adding new items and works. Also, results show that the main source of changes in construction projects is the owner. It was found that project owners initiated change orders due to financial problems, changing in mind or noncompliant design with owners' requirements. Consultant initiated change orders due to errors and omissions in designs, specifications or due to conflict in contract documents. Cost and time overrun are the two main effects being noted for change orders.