PMA 2012 Conference, Cambridge UK

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Research Title: 
The Application of Vanguard Method to Enhance Service Workers Performance
Ayham Jaaron
Chris Backhouse
United Kingdom
Wed, 2012-07-11
Research Abstract: 
The purpose of this paper is to examine a new form of innovative models of service operations, known as Vanguard Method, by investigating its impact on service workers performance. Two case studies were conducted in two UK public sector organisations using semi-structured interviews at different levels, and documents collection. An affective commitment questionnaire among service workers was also used. Results show that Vanguard Method allows for the achievement of twofold determinants for higher workers performance; organic structure of service department and as a result high levels of employee’s affective commitment. The value of this paper is that it attempts to incorporate service workers commitment concepts with service operations design to substantially promote service workers performance.