The First POMS-HK International Conference, Hong Kong

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Research Title: 
Organic Structures in Call Centres: Implications for Affective Commitment in Manufacturing Enterprises.
Ayham A.M. Jaaron
Chris J. Backhouse
Hong Kong
Wed, 2009-12-30
Research Abstract: 

The purpose of this paper is to explain the leveraging of “Affective Commitment” among call centre front-line employees through the use of “organic structures” for service operations design in a manufacturing enterprise. A case study was carried out using face-to-face interviews, structured questionnaires and direct observation methods to collect data from directors, middle-managers and employees at operative front-line levels. The case study finds a strong relationship between the level of “Affective Commitment” among front-line employees in the call centre and the form of service operations system. It was found that the call centre service operations employs a wide range of “organic structures” characteristics. The study has many implications for the manufacturing enterprises embracing a call centre to improve working experience, productivity and service quality. A higher level of “Affective Commitment”  is likely to mitigate the problem of turnover and absenteeism in these service departments.