Title Type Yearsort icon
Political Planning in the Quran Change Methodology Thesis 2014
The Arab Defeat Thought after 1967 and its Political Planning Implications in Greater Syria and Egypt Thesis 2014
The Impact of Arab Spring on the Functional Role of Israel Thesis 2013
Individual Freedom in the Palistinian Law and its Impact on Political Development Thesis 2013
The Effect of 25 January Egyptian Revolution of Palestinian Cause Thesis 2013
Qabalan Model of Strategic and Developmental planning of the Palestinian Local Councils Thesis 2013
The Impact of the Imbalanced Negotiation Conditions on Finding a Solution for the Palestinian Question Thesis 2013
The Effect of Cluster of Local Governments on the Political Development Thesis 2013
Toward a Science of Arab Socio - Political Detachment as an Impact on Political Planning (Theoretical Approach Thesis 2013
The Role of Al-Jazeera Space Channel in Enforcing Political Change in the Arab Countries (Egyptian Model) Thesis 2012
The Association Between Agricultural Development and Free Political Will "Palestine as a Model" Thesis 2012
The Effect of Cultural Globalization on the Citizens of the West Bank Thesis 2012
Official Job Abuse Under the Palestinian Legal System and Its Influence on Political Development Thesis 2011
Horizons of Palestinian Virtual Learning and its role in political development (Toward Palestinian Virtual University) Thesis 2006
The Role of the Palestinian Civil Youth Organizations in Building the Character and its Effect on the Political Development in the West Bank 1995-2004 Thesis 2006
Islamic Fundamentals of the Political Development: 'Ashurah' As A Contrasting Model Thesis 2005
Press Freedom During the Palestinian National Authority Era (1994-2004), and Political Enhancement in Palestine, West Bank and Gaza Strip Thesis 2005
The Distinction Between the Terror and the Resistance, and its Impact on the Palestinian Resistance 2001-2004 Thesis 2005
The Effect of Oslo Accord on Palestinian Unity and its Reflections on the Political Development Thesis 2005
The Effect of Wall Discrimination on Political Development in the West Bank Thesis 2005