The Effect of Cultural Globalization on the Citizens of the West Bank

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Diana Ayman Haj Hamad
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Abstract Cultural Globalization is considered one of the important dimensions of globalization as it comprises two models .The first model is objective and unavailable as people have to deal and many others . The second model is "Americanization" which markets the American culture in different ways among of which is the means of the objective methodology.This model , the second one , aims at replacing world different cultures with the American culture and thought through three aixes : Democracy , Human rights and woman status . The UAS seeks to create one cultural pattern to dominate the whole world and to build one world society that has the same customs , behavior and taste. Consequently , this will lead to the disappearance of national and local privacy of other communities , specially the developing countries among of which is Palestine where the policy of stick and carrot is noticeably used by America. Based on the aforementioned , this study is significant as it seeks to show the effect of cultural globalization on the different life aspects of the West Bank citizens specially the social and cultural textures. To highlight the effect on the people of the West Bank the descriptive methodology was emphasized to illustrate concepts such as globalization and cultural globalization as well as their philosophy and aims. Besides , the analytical methodology was used to show the instruments of cultural globalization and its effects on the people of West Bank , thus analyzing them in accordance with the topic of the study. It is worth mentioning that it is not easy to measure the effect of cultural globalization statistically .However , his study highlights the areas where the effects and instruments of cultural globalization in the West Bank are noticed. The findings of this study showed that the Palestinian citizen in the West bank has been affected by the American culture and thought. This can be observed in different spheres such as the spread of alienation and westernization among individuals , the spread of western customs and traditions like holidays and participation in in reality TV shows on Arab Space Channels, the spread of consumption and se x culture among the youth and finally replacing the national Palestinian concepts with Zionist and American ones. This led many Palestinian youths holding university degrees to travel abroad looking for a better living status. As a result of this, the chapter of this thesis verify the reliability of the hypothesis in this study which is cultural globalization invades the West Bank and leads to many effects in the social and cultural texture of the Palestinian Society. The researcher recommends that the Palestinian intellect should be developed as it is the only guarantee to face the effects of cultural globalization whether they are cultural or political . This doesn't mean cultural isolation but preserving national privacy while opening to world cultures.