The Association Between Agricultural Development and Free Political Will "Palestine as a Model"

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Maher Tahseen Nayef Saleh
The Association Between Agricultural Development and Free Political Will "Palestine as a Model"1.46 MB

The association between agricultural development and free political will is a controversial issue, achieving free political requires agricultural development that provides food security, and form the basis for comprehensive economics and social growth, in return cannot move towards agricultural development without the free political will, and the nation remains depends in food security on the others, with the threat for loss of independent decision. First, the study focus at the theoretical level, in order to build a base we can build on them to understanding the reality dialectic of the relationship between free political will and agricultural development, then the study discus the Palestinian reality as a model for the loss of free political will and its relation to the absence of agricultural development. The study is looking for the importance of agriculture to achieve food security as part of national security, and its role for building strength, and its economic role as a biggest economic operating segments, and the base for the industrial development. The study explain the importance of agriculture in Palestine, as The best way to keep the land in the face of the Zionist project, which defined its strategic objectives in making Palestine as an empty land of its inhabitants, the study is looking for problems of agriculture reality in Palestine, and introduce some basic rules to build a strategy for agricultural development in Palestine, that gives the Palestinian people an able to achieve the minimum food security, which would enable them to bear the pressure exerted on them by the occupation forces to dissuade them from their national rights. The study assumed that the Palestinian resolution to be independent, and the Palestinian national will could not be free without the development of the agricultural sector to ensure food security, and operation of the labor force in the productivity works, that install the Palestinian people over their land, by providing food, employment and emotional attachment to the land. The researcher adopted a descriptive approach to describe and review the basic concepts, a concept of self-reliance, and agricultural development of self-reliant, and sustainable agricultural development, and free political will, as well as describe the various classes. Then using the analytical approach to provide an analysis about the ways to achieving free political will by sustainable agricultural development and self-reliant, and analyze the possibilities in a Palestine, and things required for this development. The study concludes that building a sustainable agricultural development strategy in order to achieve the national free will has become as the compulsory way towards strengthening the steadfastness of the Palestinian people over their land, and promoting adherence to their national rights, or subjected to blackmail from the occupation and the donor countries, this is can be done by promoting the self-reliance culture, and mobilization of local resources that are available and possible, at the highest degree of efficiency and rational use and effective as the basis for building development. and consider an agricultural development as a national priority and allocate sufficient resources to achieve it.