Horizons of Palestinian Virtual Learning and its role in political development (Toward Palestinian Virtual University)

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Farouk Hasan Mohammad Sharaf
Horizons of Palestinian Virtual Learning and its role in political development (Toward Palestinian Virtual University)1.52 MB

This study is a prospective vision about the Palestinian Virtual Learning (PVL), and its role in political development, whereas learning is a main basic of development. The study also provides ahead look toward Palestinian Virtual University (PVU). Virtual learning has become a widespread type of learning nowadays, as a result of the revolutions of technology, information and communication. The term "virtual" is an imaginary in the sense, that the thing is unreal. It is however, concept that not many people know about. This leads to a problematic in understanding its reality; a real or unreal learning. For that, this study explained clearly its concept. Virtual learning is the delivery of educational lessons using any of the technologies included in the expanded virtual reality, by employing information and communication technologies to deliver instruction. Virtual learning is a term frequently used interchangeably with distance learning, online learning, e-learning, or web-based learning Virtual learning has its own environment (VLE), which is differs about the traditional learning environment (TLE). Pro forma simulates it with learning elements, which are physical in TLE, but virtual in VLE. Economically, virtual learning is a type of knowledge economy, uses some industrial sector fundamentals. It is multi shape, multi benefits investment field. The economical feasibility of it proceeds from his ability to overcome the failure of traditional learning, and its affirmative returns on investment. Virtual learning associated with the sustainable development as an affective factor in underdeveloped countries. There is direct relation between virtual learning and the active globalization movement. For this, underdeveloped countries faces political and educational challenges, this must guide it to modernize its learning process, and employ virtual learning system in learning process within total visible to guard itself by globalization opportunities over against its risks. There is an exigent Palestinian need beyond apply virtual learning. Twin main reasons pushed toward this. First: Palestinian privy. Second: benefits of virtual learning for the Palestinian society. Palestinian Virtual learning visible has occurred in the electronic learning initiative, and the serious steps in this field as: The National Palestinian Strategy for Information Technology and communication, and environmental preparation, which contains a group of evolutionary actions. Palestinian privy and the benefits of Palestinian virtual learning led to motion for establish a Palestinian Virtual University (PVU). This motion stands to many motives which empowered it as suitable direct action to face the difficulties which oppose the learning process. The most important result of the study is the great Palestinian need toward virtual learning and virtual university, which belongs to global and inward reasons. There are many Palestinian considerations to apply virtual learning mode, some of it are: The Israeli pursue for learning process, the achieved benefits to oppose the increasingly social demand for higher education, communicate with scattered Palestinian people, attract Palestinian qualification widespread around the world, and overcoming on traditional learning potentials.