Qabalan Model of Strategic and Developmental planning of the Palestinian Local Councils

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Fawaz Hussein Sa’eed Aqra’
Qabalan Model of Strategic and Developmental planning of the Palestinian Local Councils1.59 MB
This research aims at recognizing the circumstances of the developmental planning of the Palestinian local councils through studying and analyzing the developmental plan of Qabalan town, in addition to being acquainted with the weak and strong points of the planning process itself, and knowing the degree of possibility for applying the planning method stated in the guide of the strategic developmental planning for those local councils. To achieve the aims of this research, the researcher revised some theoretical concepts connected with the developmental planning in the one hand, and taking into consideration the circumstances of that planning in the local councils on the other hand, then moving to studying and analyzing Qabalan developmental plan. The study’s methodology is mainly based on both descriptive and analytical approach, in addition to using personal interview for those who are concerned and specialized in the field. Stage This research has shown that the experiment of the developmental planning of the Palestinian local councils is still recent, but it is in a constant growth and progress. On the other hand, it needs to convey this method to the other local councils however small they are. It is also much in need to complete the 4th and 5th phases of the planning process which are assimilated in modernization, evaluation and follow-up. Consequently, this will contribute to increasing the ratio execution of the developmental projects, which were clearly declined. The research has also demonstrated that Qabalan town is pioneer in adopting the developmental planning, in addition to its distinction in the wide social participating which indicates a social compatibility and confidence of the leadership. The study recommended adapting the strategic developmental planning of those local councils and both public and private institutions, in addition to activate the strategic developmental planning unit in the Ministry of Local Government, in order to pursue the processes of modernization, evaluation and planning of the strategic developmental plans in the local councils, and to create an effective developmental planning unit for those local councils which undertakes the processes of modernization, evaluation and pursuing of the above plan, which requires employing a full or part- time employee in those councils. On the other hand, reinforcing their self-dependence in carrying out the developmental projects, and not to depend totally on external finance as well, and finally consecration the neutrality of the local councils’ services, and trying not to correlate them with political changes.