Toward a Science of Arab Socio - Political Detachment as an Impact on Political Planning (Theoretical Approach

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Maher Hilmi Hassan Risha
Toward a Science of Arab Socio - Political Detachment as an Impact on Political Planning (Theoretical Approach1.12 MB

The study aims at re-reading, analyzing, and explaining the Arab socio-political phenomena which some of them are similar to such in the Western world, but – at the same time – are diverge in characteristics and specifications. This diversity creates many obstacles if we need to understand well those phenomena by depending on and adopting the (traditional) and accepted methodological, theories, and means of studies in the west. The suggested way of reading will use (a new science) which the researcher is trying to build and dedicate it as one of the existing social and political sciences, and to clarify its relationship with the political planning. It is called A Science of Arab Socio- Political Detachment as an objective equivalent or a contradictory to the Political Sociology which in the perspective of the researcher, despite its importance, is not enough to keep up with the Arab social political phenomenon and understand its consequences, complexity, and properties. The idea has been initiated by the hypothesis that the Arab social phenomenon, in its political orientation, is unique and special that it’s hard for existing social and traditional political sciences which are based on western theories to explain; therefore, it can be explained according to the principles of the science of Arab Socio-Political Detachment that studies and analyzes the Arab political phenomenon uniquely, compared to the existed traditional research without deporting away from it. The research which relies on western methodology is not taking into consideration the Arab’s privacy, but also endeavors to stereotype it, prejudge it, and to conclude unrealistic results. The main conclusion of this research has proved the validity of the hypothesis, and also insured that the social political phenomenon, wherever it is, is a result of particular circumstance and a special case, and it arises according to special factors depending on the fabric of the society. Therefore, it describes a particular reality that does not necessarily resemble another society with different environment. Accordingly, the main recommendation of this research concentrates on the necessity to reconsider the random and unplanned usage of theories and research methods used in the west and apply it in Arabic and/or Islamic society. Also, to assure the neutrality, objectivity, and to consider the societal privacy and the variety of the factors and reasons that create socio – political phenomena, with an emphasis on the importance of conducting subsequent studies to enrich and deepen it.