The Arab Defeat Thought after 1967 and its Political Planning Implications in Greater Syria and Egypt

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Iyad Ahmad AbuZniet

Whoever takes a close look at the Arab Nation notices that it has been suffering from a perpetual degradation. It also tends to favor defeat and surrender doubting that it has become a nation, which survives on dependency and defeat. In addition, it has been defeated repeatedly socially, culturally, intellectually, economically and military wise since its sources of power diminished. Thus, the only left features are hopelessness and failure to the extent that it is facing a tragic reality threatening its national and civilized identity. Its acts raised many eyebrows since it was defeated repeatedly. This indicated that there is a common ideology within its people, which is called “Defeatism Ideology” This study defines this concept as the overall theoretical production of a nation accompanied by a set of behavior which sustains a state of degradation at all levels socially, politically, intellectually and scientifically. A long with that, there is civilization decay highlighting the gap between the Arab Nation (Hereinafter referred to as AN) and the rest of the rest of the world keeping it dependent on them. In other words, it is the ideology which conflicts with the basics of developing this AN. This study is based on one hypothesis which is the control of Defeatism Ideology (hereinafter referred to as DI) on a great deal of the Arab culture socially at many levels, namely: military wise, economically, intellectually and human. In other words, the intellectual, political and cultural elite especially governments embraced DI and considered it as the common ground of ruling the general affairs of the AN in terms of planning and implementation. The descriptive- analytical method has been employed to crystallize the DI giving details of its main components, behavioral acts and how to describe it. In other words, the descriptive – analytical methods has been used to study “The Arab’s Ideology of Defeatism after 1967 and its Influence on the Egyptian and the Levant’s Political Strategies”. In addition, this study includes four chapters and a conclusion. It has been concluded that the DI is proliferating at two levels, namely: collective and individual. Its proliferation is increased by the political strategies, which hasn’t taken action to terminate it. Thus, this study indicates that the mastermind of the DI is the Arab mind, which is represented by the masses and the governments. As a result, the researcher recommended deconstructing the Arab mind developing it to be able to overcome defeat trauma by planning the political action plan scientifically based on the main required rules for development.