The Role of Al-Jazeera Space Channel in Enforcing Political Change in the Arab Countries (Egyptian Model)

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Mohamed Aref Mohamed Abd –Allah
The Role of Al-Jazeera Space Channel in Enforcing Political Change in the Arab Countries (Egyptian Model)990.2 KB

This study investigates the role of Al-Jazeera News Channel in the process of the current political change in the Arab Word - the Egyptian change as a model- and case study. Also, the study clarifies the effect of the news channel during and after the Egyptian revolution on the daily activities . This effect is due to the fact that the media is one of the most effective forces on policy in general, and particularly on political change. The study hypotheses states that Al-Jazeera News Channel had an important role in supporting the Egyptian revolution during covering the actions deeply and intensively. This role has asserted the impertinence of political change in the Arab Word. The hypotheses has been proved and reinforced by the study results. The descriptive and analytical method has been used through describing and analyzing the role of Al-Jazeera News Channel during its coverage of the activities of the revolution. Subsequently, measuring its effect on the political change in the Arab Word in general . A questionnaire for measuring the effect of the News Channel has been developed and distributed among 100 individuals of journalists, politicians and Egyptian professors who are the study sample chosen by the ice-ball method. The study consists of five chapters which discuss the argumentative relationship between the News Channel and the Egyptian revolution and its success during the deep and intensive coverage of the News Channel which was devited to comprehensive converge of the revolution. The role of the Al-Jazeera has been seen argumentative. Some considered it professional while others found it role an effective and contributed in the success of the revolution. On the other hand, some find that the News Channel has gone beyond the journalist professional limits and was an active maker of events. Others find the role of News Channel as ordinary. Several results have been concluded by the study affirm that Al-Jazeera had an important role during the Egyptian revolution by the coverage of the events. The results affirms that it has contributed in forming an Arab and Egyptian public opinion supporting the revolution, and opposing the ex- regime by using a set of editing shapes (words, items, colors, music, image and so). Furthermore, the study concluded that the Egyptian revolution has gained a broad momentum sustaining its success by the intensive coverage of Al-Jazeera News and by the image of the Liberation Square (Maydan At-Tahreer) which remained for several days on the news screen. These factors have encouraged others to join the protesters and crippling the regime from practicing the policy of mass killing at the square.