Title Type Yearsort icon
Monitoring The Performance of the Palestinian Security Apparatuses and its Role in Strengthen Freedom and Achieving Civil Peace Thesis 2014
U.S Aid to the Palestinian Authority and its Role in Political Development in the West Bank (Security Sector as Amodel) Thesis 2014
The Impact of Palestinian Democratic Transformation on HAMAS's Political Discourse 2006-2012 Thesis 2013
The Reform of the Security Sector Point In ‎Palestinian Security from the View of ‎Employee and the Result of that on the ‎Political Development (West Bank Model)‎ Thesis 2013
The Impact of the Government Planning of the Palestinian Authority on Political Development (1994-2009) Thesis 2012
The Palestinian State: Institutional Building Model in State Establishment Thesis 2012
The Palestinian Political Elite and its Impact on the National Unity "The Second Palestinian Legislative Elite as a MODEL" Thesis 2012
The Experience of Palestinian Women in the Parliamentary Work, and its Effect on the Promotion of Political Participation (1996, 2006) Thesis 2012
Palestinian Diplomacy in The Palestinian Israeli Negotiations and its Impact on Achieving The Palestinian State Thesis 2011
Israeli Settlement in the West Bank And its Impact on Political Development (1994 – 2009) Thesis 2010
Palestinian Refugees Between the Alienation and Integration “Case Study Balata Camp” Thesis 2010
State Administration in Islam: A Study of the Conceptual Theorizing of State Administration in the Islamic Political Thought Thesis 2010
The Impact of the Last Israeli Elections 2009 on the Palestinians and Israeli Peace Process Thesis 2010
Palestinian Partisan Journalism Reliance on Rumors and the Impact on Political Development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (Fatah and Hamas Movements as a Model) Thesis 2009
Palestinian Public Opinion and its Impact on the Determination of Political Orientations of Decision-Makers and the Process of Making the Palestinian Political Decision Thesis 2009
Impact of the Second Palestinian Legislative Elections on Palestinian Democratic Transformations Thesis 2008
Reformation of Palestine Liberation Organization Implication of Hierarchy and Program Thesis 2008
The Role of the United States of America in the Democratic transformation process in Palestine (George Bush's Term of Office 2001-2006) Thesis 2008
The Palestinian Liberation Movement's (FATH) Effect on the Political Development in Palestine (1993-2006) Thesis 2007
The Political Change from the Perspective of Political Islamic Movements on the West Bank and Gaza "Hamas as a model" Thesis 2007