The Palestinian Liberation Movement's (FATH) Effect on the Political Development in Palestine (1993-2006)

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Mohammad Shuhail Yosif Ahmad
The Palestinian Liberation Movement's (FATH) Effect on the Political Development in Palestine (1993-2006)1.26 MB

This study has dealt with the issue of the effect of the Palestinian Liberation Movement (FATH) on the subject of the political development in Palestine (west Bank and Gaza Strip). Since 1993 till 2005. Within two important aspects, which express the gist of the Palestinian political development. The first aspect deals with the role played by FATH in resisting the Israeli occupation, and its contribution to getting rid of it. The other aspect deals with the issue of the internal construction and what is related to it, such as democracy, multilateral, human right and the supremacy of low. At the beginning of this study, the researcher had discussed the pressures that faced the formation of FATH movement, the motives and reasons that caused the establishment of the movement, in addition to the stages in which FATH movement has passed through, since the beginning its foundation in Gulf states in general, and Kuwait in specific. Then the move to Jordan, and the conflict that arose among the Palestinian groups and the Jordanian government, which resulted in terminating the Palestinian existence of the Palestinian organizations including FATH in Jordan. Then back to Lebanon followed by Tunis, then the return journey to West Bank and Gaza strip, after signing OSLO Agreement. This subject had been dealt with in a historic view, and analytic gist to clarify the whole changes that accompanied the travel trip of FATH during the four decades of its age. It had been noticed that FATH had followed a track which look derivative directions concerning its objectives and mobilizations. This track has affected its intellect, its practical principals and its implementation on the ground, something which is different from what is mentioned and written in FATH national chart. The intellectual basis for FATH movement, had been discussed through dealing with the subject of its intellect and whether there is an ideology for FATH and then the clarification of the purposes, the means and the principals of the movement, in addition to the study of the FATH political intellect and the stages this intellect has passed through. The researcher concluded that FATH movement lacks a clear ideology or hasn't the clear ideology, in addition to a loose intellectual garment, which resulted in great number of problems and difficulties which disabled the movement from achieving its purposes. In addition to that, the issue of the political and military work had been taken into consideration inside the movement, with more concentration of the military work, since it is the most striking point in this era. This took place through the understanding of the movement to the armed struggle and the extent of the harmony and the behaviors of the movement with this concept. The stages in which the armed struggle passed through and the coordination between the political work and the military work had been considered. The failures of FATH movement in coordinating between political and armed work, were bigger than the success it had achieved. An argument took place around the crises which FATH movement lives and which is represented in the crises of the schedule and the elite, and the problem of coordination between being a movement of national liberation from one side, and being the party of the authority from the other side. This study had also discussed the crises between the traditional Leadership and the young generation in the movement, and finally the crisis of FATH with the public ( people) in which the central committee has been augmenting. From this, It has been participated burden of the great responsibility about the drawback that affected the movement in all of the real dominant on the movement aspects falls on the shoulders offers. Then the subject of FATH and the political development had been discussed through trying the study of the effect of the movement on all the limits and the standards of the political development which had been divided into two main parts as we have mentioned. The first part is the contribution of the movement in getting rid of the occupation, and the second part is its contribution to the issues of democracy, multilateral, human rights and other issues. The study has also discussed the problem of the effect of occupation on development and the nature of this effect. The study has come to a conclusion that the contribution of FATH movement to the political development had been lower than it was expected. This is due to subjective and other objectives reasons. The effect of AL-AQSA uprising on FATH movement on one hand and on the Palestinian issue on the other hand had been discussed in general, The second legislative elections and the internal primary elections and the nature of the behavior of the FATH movement has followed after its defeat in the legislative elections and being changed into opposition?? the first time have been dealt with. From this concept. It was noticed that FATH movement, despite its great defeat, has modest reaction which isn't on the level with this loss or defeat, and its effort in reviewing and self- evaluation remained very little or restricted. One of the most striking results of this study that FATH movement's contribution in reinforcing the issue of the political development wasn't in the size as it was expected whether on the level of resisting the occupation or of the issues of the internal construction. This is due to subjective and objective reasons. It is also noticed that FATH movement now suffers from disequilibrium case, and the loss of the subjective identity. If this case isn't treated, the movement will suffer a lot in the future. The researcher notices that FATH movement had suffered from the problem of the disability in coordinating between the political work and the military work in most of its long march, and it is still suffering from this problem. These problems added more and more complications in front of FATH disorder to achieve a Palestinian political development. The researcher sees that the best solution for most of the problems that FATH movement is can be represented by holding the FATH sixth conference which will form a solid ground from which the movement can start so as to face the expected challenges. Finally, it is important to say that FATH movement, despite its failure in achieving the complete freedom to the Palestinians and its disability of getting rid of the occupations, has recorded a great number of achievements concerning the Palestinian issue, the most important are the recognition of the Palestinians identity and the emphasis of the Palestinian entity in facing the Zionist objects which aim to cancel the Palestinian existence.