The Reform of the Security Sector Point In ‎Palestinian Security from the View of ‎Employee and the Result of that on the ‎Political Development (West Bank Model)‎

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Ibrahim Hafez Abed Al-rahman Khatatbeh
The Reform of the Security Sector Point In ‎Palestinian Security from the View of ‎Employee and the Result of that on the ‎Political Development(West Bank Model)‎900.64 KB

This study aims to examine security sector reform in the Palestinian Authority from the prepoint of its employees and the effict it has on political development the researcher used statistical analysis questionnaire to explore employees point of view on this issue. And to achieve that. This study was conducted on a sample of administrators in security sector on West Bank regions. And the data was treated statistically using the Arithmetic averages, percentages, (T) test on two independent and groups, ANOVA different, and (LSD) exam for Amgarn at posterior between arithmetic averages. The study reched these conclousions to this class college field reached (77.39%) and that is abige rate. From here one can say the effect of there form organizational structure on the security section has on amounted to a large degree. • We can find from the results that the effect of financial reform on the security services on the political development on the West Bank is (71.76%), and this can point at abig presentage agreement towered the questions on this field. • And the analysis out comes pointed at the degree of effect of the administrative reform political development services on West Bank from the point of view of the authuritity employee has reched (71.76%). • Also the out comes of the study that the legal (low) reform of the security services on political development on West Bank is(72.60%). The study came up with several recommendations including: • The need to be characterized by the organizational structure of the security sector clarity so that knows everyone in the security services and the duties and rights and job descriptions flour for his career, which helps reduce the administrative burden caused by interference in the exercise of errands, and therefore This helps in the development of workers politically. • The need for a prior censorship of control devices and internal audit in the security services and publish monthly reports on the financial performance of the security. • It is recommended that the use of information technology in the redesign of administrative operations of the security services and take advantage of the enormous potential offered by technology in the planning, supervision and regulation and guidance and try to move towards the concept of e-governance in these devices achieve the quality, speed, and raise the level of performance of workers in these devices. • It is essential to make the necessary legislative reforms to the laws and regulations, especially regulations governing the responsibilities of the staff and their powers