U.S Aid to the Palestinian Authority and its Role in Political Development in the West Bank (Security Sector as Amodel)

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Saed Tahseen Hafez Yaseen

This study aims at identifying the US AIDS for the Palestinian National outherity and its role in the fulfillment of the political development in the west bank.(support the Palestinian national security as Amodel). The researcher used two research methodologies to fulfill this ;which are (a): The questionnaire (the qualitative analysis) to identify the perspictives of the security workers for the role of the US AIDS for the Palestinian National authority for the political development in the west bank. The second methodology which is the interview, (the qualitative analysis) and to know from the anyone related to the field, wether they are employees in the Palestinian national security academic workers or any figuers connected to the USAID. In order to achieve that,the workers in the national Palestinian security had been selected as a sample for the study.in addition to the selection of people related to the study.wether from the same sample or externals to accomplish the interview. The study tends to answer the main question: “what is the impact for the USAIDS which are provided to the P.N.A and its security in the west bank ? the emphasis of this question is about the analysis of those American aids as monetory liquidity or as training courses for the security and what is the impact of the political development in the west bank ? The researcher in the first chapter initiates the study plan which contains:(the introduction), (the research questions,proplems of the study and the hypotheses of the study). The plan also includes the significance of the study and the purposes in which the researcher tends to be accurate and analytical to gian the information to conclude the required results the plan includes as well the research methodology the sample.the study with all its sections.in addition to literature review which can be beneficial to the study.in the second chapter “the theoretical frame “ the researcher did his best to include as much vital information as he can related to the theoretical perspective. therefore the researcher defined development in general and the political development in particular with its theories. the researcher mentioned as well the development in Palestine and its development phases and its obstacles.The researcher had illustrated the international aids including the USAIDS for the P.N.A quantitatively and the way to spent and how does it related with the Palestinian political events and situations ,and its impact on the political development in Palestine. The researcher conducted the American vision for the Aids with its political and security diminutions on the political development in palestine in addition to the impact of the Palestinian request for the mempership in the UN on the American aids for the P.N.A with the same chapter. The researcher also investigates the method and procedures for this study includes the study method and its community and its sample as well as the study instrument whether it is valid or not and its constancy. Also the procedures and variables and to analyse it statically to conclude the aimed results. In the fourth chapter the researcher illustrated the results and analysed those results which are related to the study questions and hypotheses and what he had concluded from the interviews and discussion that to come up with a number of results and recommendations. the most important results are: 1- There is a strategic relationship between the USA and Israel in which all the American practices for the P.N.A for the israel favour , whether through plans and programms offers by the USA and the “RAOD MAP” or through the aids offered to the P.N.A 2- The American and the foreign aids contributed to cover the commitments of the P.N.A to achieve security. It also helped to improve the performance and readdress for those individuals which are noticed daily. 3- Even with all the agreements between the offering parties to support the P.N.A and develope the political security economical social and human situation for the aim of achieving the development on the Palestinian lands we noticed that when Palestinian party requested the UN membership to gain the international recognition the USA cutted apart of the aids and froze another part. this illustrated how the foreign aids are connected with the Palestinian political situation , from one aspect, also they represent a pressure tool and to express how the American part is for the Israeli side prejudice. The most important recommendation are: 1. The us aids may be position or negative so we have to benefit from its advantages and pay more attention to its disadvantages as possible as security experiences which may be beneficial to the palestinian security man in his work to avoid its disadvantage which aims to change these departments to a tool in Israel hand to hit with it when ever it likes. 2. The necessary of the principle in the security department to a chieve the intended development. This has to be purely formal by the Palestinians not by for interference. 3. Politically speaking the Palestinian nationality has to search for new financial aids to get rid of Americans resections and pressures. These channels have to be alternatives to gain the financial aids such as seeking help from Russia for example not in particular. 4. The necessity of conducting more studies about the same subject which affects number of the Palestinian community members.