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Impact of Using Quartet Learning Cycle Strategy on the Achievement of Female Fifth Graders in Arabic and Their Motivation Towards the Language Thesis 2014
The Effect of Using Generative Learning Strategy in Acquiring Grammatical Concepts Among Fifth Grade Students and their Attitudes Towards Grammar Learning Thesis 2014
The Effectiveness of an Arabic Language Cooperative Educational Strategy in the Reading Skill ‎Among Ninth Grade Students in the Public Schools in Jenin Governerate Thesis 2014
The Impact of Applying Drama in Arabic Language Achievement for the First Grade in Jenin Governmental Schools Thesis 2012
Reality of Implementing Electronic Management in the Secondary Government Schools in the West Bank from the Principals' Perspective Thesis 2010
Content Analysis of National Education School Textbooks for fifth, sixth and seventh Grades, and it’s evaluation from the point of view of Teacher's in the Northern Governorates in the West Bank Thesis 2009
Feeling of Emotional Security and its Relationship with Some Variables of An-Najah National University Students Thesis 2005
Headmasters and Headmistresses Trends Towards the Individuate of Learning in Governmental & Secondary Schools in the South Districts of the West Bank Thesis 2005
Effect of Al-Aqsa Intifada on Some Problems Pertinent to Children's Psychology of Play from Principals' and Teachers' Points of View in Northen Governorates of Palestine Thesis 2002
The Level of Health Education of the Students at the End of the Tenth Grade in Public Schools in Jenin Thesis 2001
Impact of Music Education on "Self- Concept" on the Truth Grade Students in Nablus Government Schools Thesis 2000
An Evaluation of National Education Textbook for Primary Grades (4-6th) according to the teachers’ opinion Thesis 1999
Environmental Concepts Necessary to be Introduced in Social Studies Curriculum in the Primary Stage From Teachers' Perspective in Nablus Governorate Thesis 1999
Evaluation of Primary Stage Geography Textbooks From Teachers' point of view In the north of palestine Thesis 1998
The Attitudes of Teachers and Principals of Basic Schools Towards Mainstreaming Handicapped Students in General Education Thesis 1998
Leadership Qualities Among An- Najah and Bir Zait University Students Thesis 1998
The Reality of Technical Education Curriculum in the Gaza Governerates from the Teacher's Point of View Thesis 1998
Training Needs for Primary School Principals and their Impact on Decision- Making Thesis 1997
اتجاهات طلبة جامعة النجاح الوطنية المتأخرين دراسيا نحو عوامل الإهدار التعليمي الجامعي Thesis 1995