The Effectiveness of an Arabic Language Cooperative Educational Strategy in the Reading Skill ‎Among Ninth Grade Students in the Public Schools in Jenin Governerate

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Shahd Sufean Ahmad Jarrar

The objective of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of the educational program in Arabic language based on collaborative learning in reading skills among the ninth grade students at primary schools in Jenin. The study answers the effectiveness of the educational program in Arabic language based on the collaborative learning in reading skills among the students of the ninth grade in the governmental primary schools in Jenin. The study population consisted of the ninth-grade primary school male students in Jenin. The study sample consisted of 64 students from Hittin male school in Jenin.The sample was divided into two groups, the experimental and the controller one. Cooperative learning was used with the experimental group, while the traditional way was used with the control group. To achieve the objectives of this study an educational program based on cooperative learning in the developing of reading skills was designed. The program concludedof teaching goals ofthe selected lessons and educational activities that achieved the collaborative learning, these were "questions, " PowerPoint " programmed shows, work sheets ,and teaching guide according to cooperative learning " in order to facilitate doing activities,and the way of managingthe classroom, and making the appropriate presentation.The researcher prepared an achievement test that measures the skills of reading. Two tools have been proved by using this test. The data were analyzed by using the analysis of variance associated (ANCOVA). The results showed that there is a difference statistically significant at the level (0.05 = α) among the means of the experimental students group degrees (the program which based on the collaborative learning in the skill of reading) and the degrees of the control group students (the traditional method) in the achievement of reading skills test. "The results also showed that there is a statistically differences significant in favor of the experimental group compared to the controller group at Bloom level. The educational program that based on cooperative learning affected on the students skills such as (knowledge, remembering, understanding, comprehension, applying, analysis, installation, and Calendar) all these that mentioned above increased the achievement of student atreading test. The researcher recommended that there should be many further researches under the title of "the impact of cooperative learning compared to the traditional method and its effects on the achievement of students in deferent classes and subjects that will circulate this methodology of teaching at a larger area.