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Sustainable Development Strategies of Agricultural Land in the West Bank: Tubas Governorate as a Case Study Thesis 2010
Trends of Urban Development in Tubas City: Study in the Morphology of the City Thesis 2009
Spatial Planning of Health Services in Tulkarm City and its Suburbs Using the Tool of Geographic Information Systems GIS Thesis 2009
Development and Improvement of Visual and Aesthetic Elements in the Central District of Tulkarm City Thesis 2009
Development Strategy of Local Authorities in Jericho and Jordan Rift Valley Thesis 2009
Strategies for Integrated Rural Development in the Palestinian Territories- Case study of Sha'rawiya Area "Tulkarm Governorate" Thesis 2009
Urban Public Spaces in the City of Nablus and their Development Physically and Visually "An analytical Study of the Eastern Complex Area" Thesis 2009
Distribution and Planning of Tourist Services and Facilities Thesis 2009
Trends in Development Planning of Nablus City in the Light of the Proposed Strategy for the City Development Thesis 2008
Current Situation and Potentials for Sustainable Development of the Local Communities in Tubas Area Thesis 2008
Community Participation and its Role in the Development of the Local Community - Case Study of Neighborhood Committees in the City of Nablus Thesis 2008
Norms for A locating Heath, Education, Culture and Recreation Services in Nablus Governorate Thesis 2008
Urban Agriculture asTool for City Planning-Nablus City as a Case Study Thesis 2007
Accessibility Measures to Public Services in Palestinian Cities: The Case of Nablus City Thesis 2007
Analysis and Evaluation of Land-use Patterns in the Town of Jericho Thesis 2006
Planning for Development of Al-Sha’arawieh Region in the Northern Part of Tulkarem Governorate Thesis 2006
Current Situation and Strategies for the Development of Local Administration in the Palestinian Territories Thesis 2006
Trends of Physical Development in the Western Suburbs of Nablus and the Spatial Relationships Thesis 2005
Trends of Regional Planning and Building Development for the Villages in the South West of Nablus Governorate Thesis 2005
Existing Situation and Trends of Physical Development in Selat Al-Haretheya Town, Jenin Governorate an Analytical Study Thesis 2004
The Mechanism of Awareness Activation & Popular Participation in Constructional Planning at West Bank Thesis 2004
Directions of Urban Growth in Dura Region Thesis 2004
Trends of Physical Development of Qabatiya Town in the Light its Spatial Relation with the Surrounding Settlments Thesis 2004
Land Uses in Basin of Tulkarm City and the Resulted Environmental Impacts Thesis 2003
Strategies of Future Urban Development in Al-Ezariya and Abu Deis Towns Thesis 2003