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First United Arab Emirates Conference on Pure & Applied Chemistry (ECPAC11) Surface Treatment of Novel SEmiconducting Materials: Utilization in Renewable Energy and Water Purification Thu, 2001-03-01
185th Meeting of the Electrochemical Soc Surface-Modified n-GaAs with Retra (-4- pyridyl)porphirinatomanganese(III)‎ Sun, 1994-05-22
Proceedings of the (1994) USA Department of Energy/NREL Hydrogen Program Review Photochemical Based Direct Conversion Systems Mon, 1994-04-18
Organic Reaction Catalysis Society Meeting Involvement of Co2(CO)8(- PPh)2 Catalysts in Olefin Hydroformylation Sun, 1990-05-20
11th North American Meeting of the Catalysis Societ A New Silica-Supported Platinum-Amine Catalyst for the Reactionof Silanes With Alcohols Sun, 1989-05-07
Catalysis Conference A New Silica-Supported Platinum-Thiol Catalyst for O-Siylation Reactions Sat, 1986-12-20
A Plenary Lecture Presented before 2nd Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Physics & Mathematics Materials Research Prospects in Palestine. Case History: Semiconductor Research at Najah
The 6th Jordan International Conference of Chemistry and The 10th Jordan Chemical Conference Chemical bath deposited CdSe nano-scale thin films in Photoelectrochemical systems: a novel technique to enhance efficiency and stability
The Sixth Jordan International Conference of Chemistry Anthocyanin (Natural Dye) Sensitizing TiO2 in Photodegradation Processes
Internationale Sur Les Énergies Renouvel New Routes to Prepare & Enhance Nano-Film Electrodes in Light-to-Electricity Conversions
Chemistry Research & the Palestinian Industry Conference Anthocyanin (Natural Dye) Sensitizing a Wide Band Gab Semiconductors for Photo-‎Degradation Processes
The 1st International Workshop on Advanced Material Assessment of CdS as Sensitizer for TiO2 and ZnO in Water Purification with Solar Light
Sharjah International Solar Energy Conference Surface Modified n-Gaas Semiconductor with Metalloporphyrinatomanganese(III) Encapsulated in Polysiloxane Matrices: Effect of Modification on the Semiconductor Characteristics at the Solid/Liquid Junctions
Proc. Sharjah Solar Energy Conf. n-GaAs Band-edge Repositioning By Modification with metalloporphyrin/polysiloxane Matrices
Impact of Culture on Technology in European and Islamic Countries Research Activities of Palestinian Scientists Towards Solving Water Crisis in Palestine
The Kuwait Chemical Conference Activated Carbon-Supported Dye-Sensitized Tio2‎ Catalysts For Water Purification Using Uv/Vis Regions
Petra Conference Dye-effect in TiO2 Catalyzed Contaminant Photo- Degradation: Sensitization vs. Charge- Transfer ‎Formalism