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Research Title: 
Anthocyanin (Natural Dye) Sensitizing a Wide Band Gab Semiconductors for Photo-‎Degradation Processes
Hikmat S. Hilal
Nidal A. Zatar
Ahed Zyoud
Muath H. Hilal
Research Abstract: 

Widely spread chemically industry produces many types of water pollutants (e.g dyes,  herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, drugs, and others). Most of such pollutants reach our  drinking water resources. Different strategies have been followed to purify contaminated  water, one low-cost technology involves semiconductors as catalysts for photo-degradation  of organic contaminants. TiO2 is widely studied for water treatment. However, the wide  band gab TiO2 limits its use in the UV range, which is less than 4% of our reaching-in  solar spectrum. Therefore, sensitization of TiO2 has been studied in order to activate the  photo-degradation processes by the visible light.