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Hydrosilylation Reactions Catalyzed by Novel Metalloporphyrin Catalysts Intercalated Inside Clay Nano- and Micro-Particles Thesis 2013
Modifying PEC Characteristics of Cus Thin Film Electrodes Prepared by Electrodeposition: Effect of ‎Cooling Rate and Coverage with Electroactive Composite Materials Thesis 2013
Modification of Cuse Thin Film Electrodes ‎Prepared by Electrodeposition: Enhancement ‎of Photoelectrochemical Characteristics by ‎Controlling Cooling Rate and Covering with ‎Polymer/Metalloporphyrin Thesis 2013
Thin Film CdS/FTO/Glass Electrodes Prepared by Combined Electrodeposition/ Chemical Bath Deposition: Enhancement of PEC Characteristics by Coating with Metalloporphyrinate/ Polysiloxane Matrices Thesis 2013
Tio2 and Zno Photocatalysts for ‎Degradation of Widespread Pharmaceutical ‎Wastes: Effect of Particle Size and Support Thesis 2013
Using Metal Oxide Semiconductors for Degradation of Soil Organic Contaminant Thesis 2013
Nitrate and Nitrite Ion Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Activated Carbon Prepared from Olive Stones Thesis 2012
Water Disinfection by Photo-Degradation of Microorganisms Using Natural Dye-Sensitized ZnO Catalyst Thesis 2012
ZnO Nano- Particle Catalysts in ‎Contaminant Degradation Processes with ‎Solar Light Naked and Supported Systems Thesis 2012
Electrochromic Properties of Sol-gel ‎NiO–Based Films Thesis 2012
CdS Thin Film Photo-Electrochemical Electrodes: Combined Electrochemical and Chemical Bath Depositions Thesis 2011
Sensitization of Semiconducting Nano Powder Catalysts in Photodegradation of Medical Drugs and Microorganisms in Water Thesis 2011
Preparation and Enhancement of CdS/ZnS Thin Films for Photovoltaic Purposes Thesis 2010
Physical Characteristics of Nano-Scale Thesis 2010
Nanoparticle CdS-Sensitized TiO2 Catalyst for Photo-Degradation of Water Organic Contaminants: Feasibility Assessment and Natural-Dye Alternatives Thesis 2009
Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Contaminants in the Presence of Graphite-Supported and Unsupported ZnO Modified with CdS Particles Thesis 2009
Modification of the Properties of Cadmium Thesis 2009
A New Visual Basic Software Built-up for Solving-out Reduction formula in Chemical Applications of Group Theory Thesis 2009
A Novel Visual Basic Software for Projection Operator Calculations in Chemistry Thesis 2009
ZnO Thin Films as Catalysts in Contaminant Degradation Thesis 2009
Enhancement of Photoelectrochemical Characteristics of CdS Thin Film Electrodes Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition: Effect of Annealing and Rate of Cooling Thesis 2008
Dye-Modified Nano-Crystalline TiO2 Surfaces in Light-Driven Water Purification from Organic Contaminants Thesis 2005
Surface Modification of N-Gaas Semiconductor with Metalloporphyrin/ Polysiloxane Matrices Effect of Modification on : Band-Edge Positions, Short Circuit Current and Surface Stability in Aqueous Photoelectrochemistry Thesis 2001
Synthesis of a New Series of Heterocyclic Scaffolds for Medicinal Purposes Thesis 2001