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Research Title: 
New Routes to Prepare & Enhance Nano-Film Electrodes in Light-to-Electricity Conversions
Hikmat S. Hilal
A. Zyoud
I. Sadeddin
H. Sabri
S. Khudruj
G. Campet
Research Abstract: 
Modification of mono-crystalline n-Si and n-GaAs semiconductor surfaces for the purpose of controlling band edge positions has been conducted here. This was to tailor band edge positions to catalyze water splitting (into hydrogen and oxygen) by solar light. To simultaneously achieve stability and efficiency of the SC electrode, newer techniques were developed based on polymeric coatings with electroactroactive ions inside. To reduce cost and materials spending, nano-film electrodes are being used in light-to-electricity conversion.
CdS and CdSe nano-films, onto FTO/glass, have been prepared using Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) and Electro-Chemical Deposition (ECD) techniques. Modification of the films, with different techniques, showed enhanced conversion efficiency and stability. For the first time, CBD-based CdSe films were stabilized and effectively used in PEC processes. 

To further enhance characteristics of nano-film electrodes, new preparation techniques were followed based on combined EC & CBD together. SEM, XRD and PL spectra confirmed enhancement. The films exhibited higher light-to-electricity conversion efficiencies. Further enhancements were also observed using annealing and coverage with electroactive species embedded inside polymeric materials. Details of results, discussions and models will be presented, together with future outlooks. Areas open for possible collaborations will also be highlighted.