Title Type Yearsort icon
An Analytic and Dynamic Programming Treatment for Solow and Ramsey Models Thesis 2014
Two-Sample Multivariate Test of Homogeneity Using Weighted Nearest Neighbours Thesis 2012
An Inventory Control Model with (M/M/1) Queueing System and Lost Sales Thesis 2011
A Novel Visual Basic Software for Projection Operator Calculations in Chemistry Thesis 2009
A New Visual Basic Software Built-up for Solving-out Reduction formula in Chemical Applications of Group Theory Thesis 2009
Cost Value Function Of Water Distribution Networks A Reliability-Based Approach Using Matlab Thesis 2008
Simulation in Queuing Models: Using Simulation at Beit-eba crossing check-point Thesis 2008
Modeling Pedestrian Behavior on Pedestrian Crosswalk Thesis 2007
Analysis of The Logistic Distribution Use in The Suppression Technique for Scalability in Multicast Routing Thesis 2007
3- Analysis of the logistic distribution use in suppression technique for scalability in multicast routing. Thesis 2007
Modeling Pedestrian Behavior on Pedestrian Crosswalk Thesis 2007
Effect of Using Visual Basic Language on Seventh Graders’ Temporary and Delayed Achievement and Their Motivation for Achievement in Mathematics Learning Thesis 2004
2- أثر استخدام التعليم بمساعدة الحاسوب بلغة فيجوال بيسك على التحصيل الآني والمؤجل لطلبة الصف السابع الأساسي ودافع انجازهم في تعليم الرياضيات في مدينة نابلس Thesis 2004
On a Mathematical Design System: Maximum Reliability, Minimum Cost 2001
On a mathematical design system: Maximum Reliability, Minimum Cost Thesis 2001
Decoding Turbo Codes with Linear Programming Thesis