Conference Research Title Datesort icon
Research Day, An-Najah National University "Measurement of Natural Radioactivity in Some Granite Samples : Prelimenary Results " Fri, 2013-11-01
Proceedings of the 2nd EMUNI Research Souk Higher Education and Research in Palestine Mon, 2010-06-14
Eighth SESAME users' meeting, Petra, Jordan, 19-21 November, 2009 Thu, 2009-11-19
Sixth SESAME users' meeting, Amman, Jordan, 17-19 November, 2007 Sat, 2007-11-17
The XI International Conference on the Physics of Non- Crystalline Solids, Rhodes-Greece, 29 Oct.- 2 Nov. 2006 Sun, 2006-10-29
Fifth International Conference on Inorganic Materials, Ljubljana, Slovinia,23-26 September, 2006 Sat, 2006-09-23
ICTP school on synchrotron radiation and applications,Trieste, Italy, 8-26 May, 2006 Mon, 2006-05-08
The First UAE International Conference on Biological and Medical Physics Estimation of the Lifetime Risk of Lung Cancer Due to Radon in Inhabitants of the Old City of Nablus in Palestine Fri, 2005-03-25
Fourth Symposium on Use of Nuclear Techniques in Environmental Studies, Center for Theoretical and Applied Physical Sciences Indoor Radon Concentration Measurement in Homes in Old City of Nablus Mon, 2004-09-13
Summer University, EMC-PLC and IT, Tishreen University, Latakia- Syria, 23-31 August, 2004 Mon, 2004-08-23
The First Workshop in Medical Physics, United Arab Emirates University, 31-03-2004 Wed, 2004-03-31
First International workshop on Amorphous and Nanostructured Chalcogenides “Fundamentals and applications”, Bucharest, Romania, 24-28 June 2001 Sun, 2001-06-24
UNESCO meeting on SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental science and Applications in the Middle East), Amman, Jordan, 21-22 June 2000 Wed, 2000-06-21
UNESCO committee meeting for a SR-source in the Middle East, Berlin, Germany, 19-21 Aug. 1999 Thu, 1999-08-19
Third workshop on physics and technology of thin films, Trieste, Italy, 8-26/3/1999 Mon, 1999-03-08
UNESCO meeting for a SR-source in the Middle East, Paris, France, 15-16 June 1999 Tue, 1998-12-15
Seminar on experimental techniques in high-energy and synchrotron radiation (SR) physics, Torino, Italy 3-8/11/1997 Mon, 1997-11-03
Seventh International conference on the structure of noncrystalline materials, Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy, 15-19 Sep. 1997 Mon, 1997-09-15