Proceedings of the 2nd EMUNI Research Souk

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Research Title: 
Higher Education and Research in Palestine
Ghassan Saffarini
Nablus – Palestine
Mon, 2010-06-14
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Research Abstract: 
To be able to speak about higher education one must first speak about education and I
start with a quote from the Brazilian educator Pablo Freire"Education is a constant
process for the liberation of human beings". This quote captures the very essence of
education "Education is liberating in that it enables people to overcome injustice,
poverty and fear".
Education and higher education in Palestine are rich and challenging experiences.
Rich because of the motivation and eagerness of the Palestinians to share their
experiences with others and learn from them. Challenging because Palestine is not yet
an independent state. Indeed, Palestinians consider higher education as the main
wealth of Palestine in the absence of other natural resources and it plays a vital role
in developing the economical, political and social situation of the Palestinian people.