Standard Arabic Subtitling vs. Mutli- Dialectal Arabic Mimicking in the Translation of Songs from Les Miserables

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Ahlam Farah Abu-Eishah

This comparative study handles three different translation varieties of songs from Les Miserables following Lefevere's theory of literary translation. It mainly focuses on the aesthetic constraints and the ideological constraints affecting translation choices within a spatiotemporal framework. It examines how the translation choices were made keeping in mind preserving the aesthetic dimension of the literary work while reflecting the intended ideologies in the translation product. The translation choices made help in emphasizing the role of the translator in serving the ideologies of the translation commissioner (TV channels). As a comparative study, this thesis compares three different translations of the same source text in three language dialects each presented differently. The term "thematic translation" is introduced to cater for the translation choices made in the Egyptian and Lebanese versions of the songs.

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