Conference Research Title Datesort icon
Hip Hop and Resistance in Palestine Symposium on "Hip‎ Hop‎ as‎ Social‎ Empowerment," Hanover, Germany Wed, 2013-09-11
Lillehammer College A lecture on education and exchange Thu, 2013-05-02
International Graduate Conference on Science, Humanities and Engineering 2011 (IGCSHE2011) The Bologna Process and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions Wed, 2011-05-04
The international Conference on "The Role of Translation in the Dialogue of Civilization III" The Translation of Modern Arabic Poetry into English: the Dilemma of Meaning. Fri, 2010-10-01
The Role of Translation in Civilization Dialogue II Allusions and the Intertextual Space in Translation Wed, 2009-11-18
An International Conference in Krakow The‎ Mission‎ of‎ Higher‎ Education‎ in‎ Palestine Fri, 2008-10-03
Ramallah Center for Human Rights Study International Conference on Libraries from a Human Rights Perspective . Mon, 2008-03-31
International Conference on Translating Emily Dickinson in Language Culture and the Arts Translating Emily Dickinson in Language Culture and the Arts Thu, 1992-10-22
Conference on the future of Palestine The Development of Higher Education and a Future Vision of Education in Palestine