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15th International Conference of FFC - Third International Symposium of ASFFBC: Mental, Neurological and other Chronic Disorders: Bio-markers, Bioactive Compounds, and Functional Foods, At Regensburg, Germany, Volume: 15 In Vitro Screening Of Acethylcholinestrase (Ache) Inhibitory Activity of Extracts From Palestinian Indigenous Flora In Relation To The Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease Sat, 2014-05-10
BERC 3rd Conference on “Bio-Exploration of Valuable Natural Products Derived from Palestinian Flora:From Biodiversity to Bioindustry 2014 Palestine Bio-Exploration Center: Use of the Screen-To-Nature (STN) Technology for Exploring Biological Activities of Palestinian Flora Wed, 2014-03-26
International Conference On Natural Products 2014, Putrajaya, Malaysia, 2014, At Putrajaya, Malaysia LC-MS/MS Based Profiling of Bioactive Phytochemicals From Rhus Coriaria Berries As A Natural Source of Functional Ingredients Tue, 2014-03-18
Palestinian Conference on Graduate Students Research in Natural and Applied Sciences, At Birzeit University, Birzeit, Palestine Catalytic Activity In Olefin Hydrosilylation Reactions by Novel Catalysts Which Consist Of [Mn Ш(Tpyp)]+ Complex Ions Intercalated Inside Matrices of Nano (Montomorillonite) Particles Sat, 2014-03-01
Scientific Conference for Agricultural Research (SCAR2012) Watermelon Chlorotic Stunt Virus (Wmcsv): A Serious Disease Threatening Watermelon Production in Palestine Sun, 2012-03-25
The Fifth Palestinian International Chemistry Conference Antioxidant and Anticancer Activities of Six Palestinian Plants Used In Traditional Medicine Wed, 2011-06-01
Second Conference on Biotechnology Research and Application in Palestine HC-Pro as a Tool to Study Silencing Suppressor-Mediated Induction of Disease Symptoms in Plants Sun, 2010-09-26
Second Conference on Biotechnology Research and Application in Palestine The Application of Membrane Bioreactors for Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Palestine Sun, 2010-09-26
Second conference on Biotechnology Research and Application In Palestine Epidemiological and molecular characterization of the emerging cucurbit-infecting whitefly-transmitted Begomovirus SLCV in production fields in the Palestinian West Bank Sun, 2010-09-26
Meeting of Agricultural Scientific Research Management in Palestine, Al-Beireh Palestinian Agricultural Scientific Research Institutes: Current Status and Future Prospects Sat, 2007-09-01
Islamic Organization for Education Science and Culture. Experts Meeting for the Integration of Environmental Concepts in Education Curricula A Proposed Plan for the Integration of Environmental Education Concepts into Palestinian Educational Curricula. Islamic Organization for Education Science and Culture Sun, 2007-07-01
BERC's Second Conference on 'Traditional Arabic Palestinian Herbal Medicine' TAPHM دراسة إنثونباتية في الطب التقليدي الفلسطيني في المحافظات الجنوبية من الضفة الفلسطينية Thu, 2007-05-17
BERC's Second Conference on 'Traditional Arabic Palestinian Herbal Medicine' TAPHM كفاءة النباتات الطيبة المستخدمة في الطب العربي الفلسطيني التقليدي في علاج الأمراض المختلفة Thu, 2007-05-17
Workshop on Participatory Plant Breeding. 2006, France Participatory Breeding of Threatened Mideast Landraces as a Strategy for Genetic Conservation and Regional Cooperation Sun, 2006-06-11
Workshop on: The Role of Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations in the Conservation and Development of Plant Landraces: Towards a National Strategy for the Conservation of Local Landraces (Baladi) Diversity in Palestine إنشاء بنك بذور مجتمعي للزراعة شبه الجافة في فلسطين: أ. دراسة لواقع البذور البلدية في ست قرى في محافظة نابلس، ب. إنشاء بنك بذور مجتمعي للزراعة شبه الجافة في تل – محافظة نابلس: البنية والإدارة والوظائف Thu, 2005-09-15
Education Development Center Inc. (EDC), International Exchange Programs, Middle East Environmental Education Forum Workshop, Cairo & El-Faiyum, Egypt, 1997 Environmental Education (EE) in Palestine Mon, 1997-03-10
Experts Meeting on "Biodiversity in the Arab World", Cairo 1995 Biodiversity of Palestine: West Bank and Gaza Sun, 1995-10-01