Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Nutter Valve Trays, New Correlations

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Journal Title, Volume, Page: 
Chemical Engineering Research and Design Volume 75, Issue 6, Pages 620–624
Year of Publication: 
H. Mustafa
Chemitechnik - Pharma Engineering Ltd, Budapest, Hungary
Current Affiliation: 
Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Informtation Technology, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
E. Békássy-Molnár
Department of Food Engineering, University of Horticulture and Food, Budapest, Hungary
Preferred Abstract (Original): 

Hydrodynamic parameters were measured in a Nutter valve tray simulation column. The clear liquid height was determined in different operating regimes (foam + mixed and spray regimes) and new formulas were developed as functions of weir height and flow parameter.
New correlations were developed, as functions of geometrical and operating parameters, for the total liquid hold-up and the relative froth density.