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Husni Mustafa Mohammed Odeh

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[email protected]
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09 2341605
An najah national University

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  • Associate professor of chemical engineering
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  • Academic Experience: In 1988-1992, Dr. Odeh started as an assistant professor at Food Technology Department in Horticulture university of Budapest. In 1992-1998 has a continued teaching activity at the same university as part timer. 1998-2012 Dr. Odeh joined the Chemical Engineering Department of An-Najah National University 2012-2013 The head of chemical engineering, material engineering and energy engineering and environment departments 2015- Head of chemical engineering, material engineering and energy engineering and environment departments
  • Non academic experiences 1988-1982 Chief of Process developing Laboratories in Richter Gedeon of Chemical Works (pharmaceutical company in Hungary). ( (1988-1992) "solvent –vapors absorption" project sponsored by Richter Gedeon Chemical Works in the laboratories of Budapest Technical University. (1992-1998) consultant and process engineer in Chemitechnik Pharma engineering ltd. 2000-2008 manager of Engineering faculty laboratories and workshops at ANNU 2008-2009 supervisor of the new campus of ANNU university . 2008-2011 the chief of General safety committee in An-najah University
  • Professional development and training courses activities: 1. "The Impacts of chemical wastes in Arabic word, National Office of research and development, with Arab Scientific research councils, Tripoli, Libya, (April. 2004), (In Arabic) . 2. "Hazardous waste management workshop, Amman, Jordan, 28/11/-10/12/2004sponsored by Switzerland". 3. He participated in advanced administration workshop at NNU 2006 4. Seawater desalination and the environment impact of brine and chemical discharges on the marine environment Amman, Jordan dec. (2008) 5. Installation, operation and development of different unit operation systems (London, UK, August 2000 6. Safety course on fire extinguishing methods Palestine , Nablus, November, 2004 7. Advanced course on reverse osmosis technology Amman on March, 2007 8. Workshops agonized by Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)- An-Najah National University with north eastern university USA. 17-29 July 2011.
Research Interests: 
  • Gas absorption/deodorization/air pollution
  • Solid liquid extraction
  • Steam distillation
  • Pharmaceutical formulation
  • Water treatment
Research Groups: 
  • "Production of Biodiesel from used cooking oil in Palestine", Husni ODEH, sponsored by United State Agency for International Development, 2004-2005 by the coordination of Palestinian High Education ministry.
  • Absorption of low concentration vapor, Husni Odeh, (in Hungarian), 1988-1992, Budapest technical University, sponsored by Richter Gedeon of Chemical Works.
  • Anticancer Natural ingredients, Husni ODEH and Mohammed Al-Nouri, sponsored by the Union of Arab Universities, Amman, Jordan, Dec.2007.
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