Materials and Soil Properties

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Reviewing some of fundamental concepts in mechanics of material and soil mechanics and their applications in urban planning field.



The course has three primary objectives. The first is to further study the strength of engineering materials, picking up where 62260 class (Fundamental of Structural Engineering-Statics)left off. The class will focus mainly on the treatment of isotropic, homogeneous materials. The second objective is to introduce fundamentals of soil mechanics which will give students a thorough understanding of soil properties. The third objective is to explore the application of the topics discussed during the class in urban planning.


Outcomes and


1.      An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics,  physics and engineering to solve structural and soil problems


2.      An ability to carry out advanced structural analysis including soil and pavement stresses analyses and interpret results.


3.      An ability to identify, formulate and solve structural engineering problems, as well as soil related problems.


4.      An ability to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of the construction materials and soil types in urban planning field. 


Textbook and

/or References

Hibbler, R. C. (2004). Mechanics of materials. Prentice Hall.

Murthy, V. N. S. (2003). Principles and Practices of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. Marcel Dekker Inc.

Taylor, G. D. (2000). Materials in Construction: an Introduction, 3rd Edition. Longman



First Exam


Second Exam


Weekly Assignments 

10 %

Project and Presentation


Final Exam




Main Topic



Number of Weeks

Part 1

Introduction to Mechanics of Materials and Construction Materials


Review of basic concepts of structural analysis and an introduction to the main topics that will be covered during the semester.

1 Week

20/01 to 26/01

Stress and shear analysis in beams

Bending Stresses (Flexure Formula)

Shear Stresses (Shear Formula)

2 Weeks

27/01 to 09/02

Construction Materials

History of construction and introduction to construction materials. The introduction will include the principles, practice and performance of construction materials.

2 Weeks

10/02 to 23/02

Pavement materials

Introduction to asphalt and Concrete pavement mixtures and their characteristics

2 Weeks

24/02 to 09/03

First Exam: Tuesday 5/03/2013

Part 2

Introduction to Soil Mechanics


Why do we study soil mechanics?

1 Week

10/03 to 16/03

Soil Types

The characterization and the classification of soils

2 Weeks

17/03 to 30/03

Soil Mechanics

Fundamental mechanical concepts including the effective stress concept, strength of soils, consolidation, settlement and testing procedures.

2 Weeks

31/03 to 13/04

Second Exam: Tuesday 9/04/2013

Part 3

Students Case Studies and Presentations

Students will work on selected topics of their interests and directly related to the class materials. The additional component of their work is to focus on the application of these topics in urban planning field.

During week 10, students will be given a number of case studies and they will select one of them during the class. Each group will give a list of three projects depending on which the instructor will assign the final cases for the students.

3 Weeks

14/04 to 04/05

Final Exam: to be assigned according to the university schedule