Tensor potential

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Approximate Bound State Solutions of Dirac Equation with Hulthén Potential Including Coulomb-Like Tensor Potential

Journal Title, Volume, Page: 
Volume 216, Issue 3, Pages 911–923
Year of Publication: 
Sameer M. Ikhdair
Physics Department, Near East University, Nicosia, North Cyprus, Turkey
Current Affiliation: 
Department of Physics, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
Ramazan Sever
Physics Department, Middle East Technical University, 06531 Ankara, Turkey
Preferred Abstract (Original): 

We solve the Dirac equation approximately for the attractive scalar S(r) and repulsive vector V(r) Hulthén potentials including a Coulomb-like tensor potential with arbitrary spin-orbit coupling quantum number κ. In the framework of the spin and pseudospin symmetric concept, we obtain the analytic energy spectrum and the corresponding two-component upper- and lower-spinors of the two Dirac particles by means of the Nikiforov–Uvarov method in closed form. The limit of zero tensor coupling and the non-relativistic solution are obtained. The energy spectrum for various levels is presented for several κ values under the condition of exact spin symmetry in the presence or absence of tensor coupling.

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