Electromagnetic I

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Electromagnetic I (63270)
Total Credits3
major compulsory
PrerequisitesP1 : Electrical Circuits I (63211)
Course Contents
Electrostatic fields; Potential; Dielectrics; Steady Current; Electrical Materials; Boundary conditions; Magneto-static Fields; Differential and integral forms of Maxwell’s equations for static and steady fields.
Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO's)Student Outcomes 
1Using vector algebra, vector calculus, and physical principles to solve static and steady field problems A 45 %
2Analysis and design of resistors and capacitors and the calculations of associated parameters. C 10 %
3Solution of electrostatic and magneto-static problems (ie: electrostatic and magnetostatic fields). As well as solving for charges, currents, potentials and energy. Also applying boundary conditions. E 45 %
Textbook and/ or Refrences
“Engineering Electromagnetics”, William H. Hayt and John A. Buck; 7th Edition; McGraw-Hill International Editions, 2006.“Field and Wave Electromagnetics”, David K. Cheng; Addison-Wesley Publishing Company; Second Edition 1989. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_field http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_field
Assessment CriteriaPercent (%)
First Exam20 %
Second Exam20 %
Quizzes10 %
Final Exam50 %
Course Plan
1,2Vector Analysis: Scalars & vectors; Vector algebra; The Cartesian coordinate system; Vector components and unit vectors; Vector field; Dot product; Cross product; Cylindrical coordinate system; Spherical coordinate system.
3,4Electrostatics: Coulomb law; Electric field intensity; Field of several point charges; Field of a continuous charge distribution;
5Electric flux density; Gauss’s law; Examples for Gauss law;
6,7Divergence; Maxwell’s first equation; The del operator and the divergence theorem; Energy and Electric field; Line integral; Potential difference and potential; First Exam
8Solution of first exam; Conservative Field; Potential gradient; Electric Dipole; Electric Energy density.
9Electrical Materials: Current and current density; Continuity of Current; Metallic conductors;
10Conductor properties and boundary conditions; Method of images; Breif introduction to superconductors and semiconductors
11Dielectrics, Boundary conditions for dielectrics; Capacitance Second Exam
12Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations: Examples of the solution of the one dimensional Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations.
13Magneto-static: Biot-Suvart law; Amperes law; Curl;
14Stokes theorem; Magnetic flux and magnetic flux density; Vector and scalar Magnetic potential; Summary of Maxwell’s equations for static and steady fields.
15General review