Communication lab

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Communication Lab (63473)
Total Credits1
major compulsory
PrerequisitesP1 : Communication Principles (63375) OR Communications (63322)
Course Contents
The communication lab course contains experiments about analogue and digital communication, at the beginning of the lab the students are introduced about the different lab devices such as the frequency meter, the CRO, the function generator and the signal source. then the first part of the lab which is the analogue communication contains experiment shows the students how to generate and demodulate the different types of AM and FM then in second group the student must practice about digital communication like sampling, PCM, Sigma-Delta modulation, the data formats and noise in digital system including the Matlab simulation.. .
Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO's)Student Outcomes 
1An ability to apply knowledge of communication theory and equations practically B 30 %
2An ability to design electronic component related to communication C 40 %
3Ability to simulate communication experiment using Matlab Software K 15 %
4Ability to function in teams. D 15 %
Textbook and/ or Refrences
Communication Lab Manual.
Assessment CriteriaPercent (%)
Laboratory Work55 %
Final Exam45 %
Course Plan
1Signal Source and tuned circuits
2,l Amplitude Modulation
3AM Detection and Demodulation
4Single side band transmission
5FM-Modulation and Demodulation
7Delta and Sigma- Delta modulation
9Data formats and noise I digital systems
10Amplitude shift keying
11Frequency shift keying
12Practical exam