Conference Research Title Datesort icon
3 rd FAE International Symposium, pp 167-175, European University of Lefke, Gemikonagı, N. Cyprus The Dynamic Behavior of Spherical Caps Subjected to Radial Sinusoidal loading Thu, 2004-11-25
2nd FAE International Symposium, pp 225-229 European University of Lefke, Gemikonagi, N. Cyprus A simple nonlinear finite element model for axisymmetric shells, Thu, 2002-11-07
International Symposium on Structural and Earthquake Engineering, pp 244-250, October 14, 2002 Middle East Technical University, Ankara Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Shells of Revolution Mon, 2002-10-14
Fifth International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering, Vol. 1 pp 195-204, September 25-27,2002 Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul Nonlinear Buckling Characteristics of Shallow Spherical shells Wed, 2002-09-25
Nha Trang 2000 International Colloquium in Mechanics of Solids, Fluids, Structures and Interactions A Novel Snap-Through Buckling Behaviour of Axisymmetric Shallow Shells Subjected To Peripheral Loading Sat, 2000-01-01
The Fourth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, Advances in Civil and Structural Engineering Computing for Practice,, At Edinburgh, Scotland A Novel Snap-through Buckling Behavior of Axisymmetric Shallow Shells with Possible Application in Transducer Design Tue, 1998-08-18