Title Journal Title, Volume, Page Full Text Year of Publicationsort icon
REFACTORING WITH ORDERED COLLECTIONS OF FINE-GRAIN TRANSFORMATIONS International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering 2013
Fine-Grain Transformations for Refactorings Ph.D. thesis. University of Pretoria, South Africa   2009
Fine-grain Transformations to Refactor UML Models International Conference on Software Engineering, Proceedings of the Warm Up Workshop for ACM/IEEE ICSE 2010. 2009
An Algorithm for Ordering Refactorings Based on Fine-Grained Model Transformations 7th International Conference on Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques 2008
Model Refactorings as Logic-Based Fine-Grain Transformations Proceedings of the 9th African Conference on Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics,703-710 2008