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Determination of Some Metallic Elements and their Effect on Physical Properties of Edible Olive Oil in Palestine Materials Science and Engineering C 5(1) · January 2016   2016
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The Effect of light Intensity on Employees Health in Pharmaceutical Companie ESAIJ, 10(2) 2015   2015
Magnetic Ordering and Electronic Structure of the Ternary Iron Arsenide BaFe2As2 International Journal of Modern Physics B Vol. 29, No. 23 (2015) 1550182 (14 pages   2015
The Effect of the Electromagnetic Radiation from High Voltage Transformers on Students Health in Hebron District The Journal of Geology 3(1) · February 2015   2015
Study of Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of CoFeIn and Co2FeIn Heusler ِAlloys Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Volume 394, 15 November 2015, Pages 404–409 2015
Optical Dispersion Functions of Co2−xEuxVSn Using ab-initio Calculations nternational Journal of Modern Physics B Vol. 29, No. 28 (2015) 1550195 (14 pages)   2015
The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation From Antennas on Children in Schools in Nablus Area ESAIJ, 10(3), 2015 [107-113]   2015
Critical Behavior of Refractive Index of Binary Mixture Cyclohexane PhenolThe dynamic viscosity of binary mixture of cyclohexane - phenol was measured over the entire range of temperatures and at concentration range (0.00% – 39.70%) by weight of phenol. T Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, An-Najah National University, Palestine   2015
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