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Kinetic Studies of the Hydrolysis of Furfurylidenefuroyl Hydrazone Derivatives, Solvatochromism and Fluorimetric Determination of Iron (III) Thesis 2005
Kinetics and Mechanisms of Aquation Reactions of Tris (Ferene) Iron (II) Complex : Analytical Applications in Kinetic Determinations Thesis 2001
Kinetics, Mechanism and Analytical Application of Cyanide Abstraction from Hexacy Anoferrate [II] by Mercury [II] in the Presence of Ferenes Thesis 2000
Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of New Coccine By V (v) in the ‎ Presence of Oxalic Acid Thesis 1999
Solvatochromism of Ferrocyphen in Various Aqueous Organic and ‎ Organic- Organic Mixtures. Aquation Kinetics of the Tris Ferrozine ‎ Complex of Iron (II) in PEG (300) and Tertiary Butanol Thesis 1999
Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Cysteine by Complexation Processes using Iron (III) and Nitrogen Chelate Organic Ligands ‎ DPKTH and Ferrozine Thesis 1998
Kinetics and Mechanism of Abstraction of Cyanide from Hexacyanoferrate (II) by Mercury (II) in ‎the Presence of Ferrozine and Par Thesis 1997
Solvent Effects on the Solvatochromism of Ferrocyphen Complex and on the Kinetics of Aquation of Tris Ferrozine iron (II) Complex Thesis 1997
Solvent Effects, Solvatochromism and Marcus Theory Application for the Solvatochromism of Iron ‎‎(II) Diimine Cyanide Complexes. Effect of Temperature on the Aquation of Tris Ferrozine Iron (II) ‎Complex Thesis 1997
Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Phenols by Fe+3 in the Presence of Ferrozine Thesis 1995