Solvatochromism of Ferrocyphen in Various Aqueous Organic and ‎ Organic- Organic Mixtures. Aquation Kinetics of the Tris Ferrozine ‎ Complex of Iron (II) in PEG (300) and Tertiary Butanol

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Affan Othman Swiedan
Preferential solvation of bis-1,10-phenantliroline-bis-cyarloiron(II) (ferrocyplien), was investigated in aqueous-organic (tert-13utanoi and Polyethyleneglycol (300) ) mixtures and in organic-organic ( DMF Methanol, Ethanol, tert-Butanol, iso-Propanol, PEG(200) and PEG(300) Acetone-PEG(200),PEG(300) and Chloroform-PEG(300)) mixtures. 

The thermodynamic model of Frankel was used to treat preferential solvation in the binary aqueous-organic and organic-organic mixtures. The kinetics for the aquation of tris(ferrozine) iron(II) was studied under the various aqueous organic ( tert-Butanol and PEG(300) ) mixtures. The order with respect to the complex is found to be unity and with respect to acid is zero order. Also the Arrhenius parameters for the aquation of tris(ferrozine) iron(II) were investigated under the same aqueous-organic ( tert-Butanol and PEG(300) ) mixtures .