The 3rd International Conference on Interactive Mobile and Computer Aided Learning

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Research Title: 
Managing Online Courses: Problems and Worked-Out Solutions
Wajeeh M. Daher
Nimer F. Baya'a
Wed, 2008-04-16
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Research Abstract: 

This article attempts to present and categorize problems that encounter pre-service and new teachers who teach distance learning courses for intermediate school pupils. It also describes worked-out solutions used successfully by the pre-service teachers. The problems found were characterized as: computer literacy problems, infrastructure problems, communication problems, management problems, learning problems and emotional problems. The worked-out solutions categories included: communication means, management means, documentation means and training. This research shows that pre-service and new teachers can succeed in managing and teaching internet-based distance courses, synchronously or asynchronously, if they invest enough time and effort in applying mainly communicational means to overcome problems encountered, with being aware of the other solution means too.