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Academic Conference IATEL, Aberdeen Abdel Karim Daraghmeh 2016-01-25 11:09
Academic Conference مؤتمر التراث الشعبي الرابع Ihsan Yacoub Deek 2016-01-25 11:15
Academic Conference ELT Issues in the West Bank and Gaza University English Departments-Symposium, hosted by the Department of English at the University of Hebron Odeh J. Odeh 2016-01-28 10:01
Academic Conference Proceedings of the 2nd EMUNI Research Souk Ghassan Saffarini 2016-01-28 10:09
Academic Conference The 3rd annual literature conference, hosted by the Department of English of Yarmouk Univesrity Odeh J. Odeh 2016-01-28 10:10
Academic Conference The international British , American and comparative literatures conference, hosted by the Department of English at Yarmouk University Odeh J. Odeh 2016-01-28 10:13
Academic Conference Algerian publications Bureau , Algeria paper delivered at the 1st comparative literature international conference , hosted by the Institute of languages and literatures of Annaba University Odeh J. Odeh 2016-01-28 10:16
Academic Conference Fourteenth International Conference on Language, Linguistic, literature and Translation Iman Hammad 2016-01-31 12:00
Academic Conference Conference of English Department at An-Najah University Iman Hammad 2016-01-31 12:14
Academic Conference International Conference on Women, Leadership, State, and Society Iman Hammad 2016-01-31 12:16
Academic Conference Baltimore ELT Conference Sameer Al Eisa 2016-01-31 12:32
Academic Conference Oxford University Seminar Odeh J. Odeh 2016-01-31 13:23
Academic Conference AMIDEAST Center Ayman R. Nazzal 2016-02-01 09:10
Academic Conference Abu-Laughed Institute, at Birzeit University Ayman R. Nazzal 2016-02-01 09:13
Academic Conference The Proceeding of Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan and the University of Toledo International Pharmaceutical Conference (ZTIPC 2015) “Frontiers in the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice: A global Perspective”, At Amman - Jordan, Volume: page 5 Nidal Amin Jaradat 2016-02-01 09:25
Academic Conference The British Council in Amman Ekrema Mohammad Shehab 2016-02-01 11:57
Academic Conference Jericho Ekrema Mohammad Shehab 2016-02-01 11:58
Academic Conference مؤتمر موسوعة أبحاث ودراسات في الادب الفلسطيني الحديث عبدالخالق عبدالله عودة عيسى 2016-02-01 12:35
Academic Conference 11th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology conference Middle East Technical University, Ankara - Turkey; June 2015 Nidal Amin Jaradat 2016-02-01 14:58
Academic Conference Symposia on Excellence in Learning and Teaching in higher Education Maysaa Abuzant 2016-02-02 10:01
Academic Conference مؤتمر الفن والتراث الشعبي الفلسطيني الرابع / واقع وتحديات Mazen Rasmi Rateb Abdel latif 2016-02-04 12:25
Academic Conference Writing for Liberty_ Lancaster University Mohammed Ismael Saleh Hamdan 2016-02-04 12:28
Academic Conference English and Creative Writing-Lancaster University Mohammed Ismael Saleh Hamdan 2016-02-04 12:46
Academic Conference English and Creative Writing-Lancaster University Mohammed Ismael Saleh Hamdan 2016-02-04 12:49
Academic Conference Eighth Palestinian International Chemistry Conference( picc 2015), At AN-najah International university - Nablus-palestine Nidal Amin Jaradat 2016-02-07 09:36