Towards the Autonomisation of University Student: Evaluation of Palestinian University Students’ Perception and Practice of ICT in Foreign Languages’ Learning

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The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning Volume 1, Issue 2
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Tharwat Hijjawi
An-Najah National University- Nablus- Palestine
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French Language
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This qualitative comprehensive research is based on the findings of the content analysis of the Palestinian students’ representations and practices of ICT implementation in three university courses of foreign languages in a blended learning mode. Our study is concerned of: “Remedial English” at Birzeit University, developed for RUFO project; “English 1” & “French 1” at An-Najah National University, developed for QIF project. Is it enough to afford digital tools to “digital native” students to ensure a better learning process and a more autonomous learner? In their interviews, students clarified that they faced some troubles managing the learning process. We classified these difficulties into three main aspects related to: personal representations, sociocultural habits and psychological obstacles; pedagogical posture and attitude; and technical difficulties. Findings confirmed that to have a self- reliant student, it’s not enough to implement ICT. It is necessary to change the educational paradigm and shift from a teaching-centered model to a learning- centered one.
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