- Maternal Health Nursing/ clinical

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Third Year
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Maternal Health Nursing / Clinical
First Semester 2014 - 2015

 Course Credit Hours: 3
 Course Code: 7405304
 Prerequisite: Maternal Health Nursing
 Course Category: Department Requirement

- Name, Title: Shurouq Qadous RN, MSN
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- Email: Sh_qadose@najah.edu
Revised : 7/8/2014

Course Description

This course integrates knowledge from previous course and the basic sciences to attain high competency level of reproductive health and safe motherhood practices. Students will apply the nursing process, the psychomotor skills, and the problem solving technique to determine and deal with the physical, emotional, social and ethical nursing problems in the areas of reproductive health, safe motherhood and gynecology. Experience will be provided in maternity hospitals, antenatal clinics, mother child clinics and women’s health clinics. Students will be given opportunities to develop basic skills in the care of women during the various stages of the life cycle including phases such as menarche, menopause, etc.

Intended Learning Outcomes and Competences;

A- Knowledge and Understanding
a1.List main nursing process to administer care for the maternity and/or newborn patients.
a2.Identify risk factors related to major complication during pregnancy.
a3.Recognize signs of labor.
a4.Identify specific nursing interventions related to major acute and chronic disorders during pregnancy, labor and post partum.
a5.Describe the major physiologic and behavior changes that occur as the newborn adapts to the extrauterine environment.

B- Intellectual Skills.
b1. Demonstrate proper therapeutic communication techniques in delivering nursing care with pregnant women and her family.
b2. Interpret testing techniques required for diagnosis of pregnancy
b3. Demonstrate the gravidity and parity by using the five – and two – digit systems (giving example).
b4. Demonstrate the estimation date of birth (expected date of delivery).
b5. Design a nursing diagnosis for each actual or potential problem which has been identified from the patient's health assessment.
b6. Organize nursing skills in a safe and competent manner in accordance with the standards of care.

C. Professional and practical skills

c1. Apply professional standards regarding honest, ethical, moral, and legal issues which guide clinical practice for maternal, newborn, and women’s health nursing.
c2. Use effective communication skills, which establish and maintain collaborative relationships with childbearing families and members of the health care team.
c3.Practice to interpret the partogram during labor.
c4. Practice Leopold maneuvers on pregnant woman on admission
c5. Use knowledge to interpret the CTG monitoring.
c6. Carry out the documentation of the monitoring process necessary during labor
c7. Practice Apgar score assessment on newborn baby in labor.

D- General and transferable skills
d.1. Independently learning.
d.2. Health education( e.g., oral presentation) infront the mothers in the postnatal ward.
d.3. Work in a team spirit with colleagues
d4. Search internet data base for updating articles.

Evaluation Criteria

Midterm Exam

First Week + Second Week + Third Week / Forth Week + Fifth Week + Six Week

- Oral Case Assignment 10 % (Bed side case discussion)
- Clinical Procedure Exam 10 %
- Health Education 10 %
- Clinical evaluation tool 20%
Total = 50 (marks weight on zajel 40)

Note: The male students who are not able to train in the Labor or Post natal they should fill Medical Surgical Data sheet and other requirement from cases in the medical or surgical ward.

Final Exam
Depends on the rotation of each group and the evaluation include the following

- Data Sheet ( Antenatal Or Intra partum Or Postnatal ) 50%
- Clinical evaluation tool 30%
- Clinical Procedure Exam 20%

Total = 100 (marks weight on zajel 60)
Note: The male students who are not able to train in the Labor or Post natal they should fill Medical Surgical Data sheet and other requirement from cases in the medical or surgical ward.

Assignment Criteria (Clinical)


Percent (%)

§  Midterm exam


§  Final exam