Equipment Design

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Equipment Design (64442)

2ndSemester 2009 - 2010 (3 credits)




Shadi H. Sawalha, MSc. Innovative Materials & Technologies, Advanced Methodoligies in Design and Processes

Office: 1320

Tel: 2193


Course Timetable:


Monday & Wednesday; 11-12:30


Course Description:


This course is designed for undergraduate students to enable them to utilize the principles of momentum, heat and mass transfer in designing chemical engineering equipments related to these transport phenomena and estimate their capital and operation cost.




  • R.K  Sinnot, “Coulson & Richardson’s Chemical Engineering, volume 6(Design)”, 4th  edition, 2005.
  • G. Towler, R.K  Sinnot, “ Chemical Engineering Design Principles, Practice and Economics of Plant and Process Design”, 2008, Elsevier Inc
  • Other related references


Topics to be covered:


  • Introduction to Design
  • Design of piping system
  • Heat Exchanger’s Design
  • Design of multi-component Distillation column




  •  Design Reports                      30
  •  Quizzes and Assignments      10                                 
  •  First Exam                             10  
  •  Second Exam                         15
  •  Performance                           05
  •  Final Exam                               30