Characterization of Water/Sucrose Laurate/n-Propanol/Allylbenzene Microemulsions

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Journal of Surfactants and Detergents (Impact Factor: 1.35). 07/2012; 15(4).
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Monzer Fanun
Ziad Ayad
Samer Mudalal
Shirel Dahoah
Diana Meltzer
Michael Schwarze
Reinhard Schoma¨cker
Jochanan Blum
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Water/n-propanol/sucrose laurate/allylbenzene micellar systems were formulated and applied in the isomerization of allylbenzene in the presence of heterogenized derivatives of some platinum group catalysts. The ratio (w/w) of n-propanol/surfactant studied herewith was 2/1. Temperature insensitive microemulsions were found. The microemulsions were characterized by the volumetric parameters, density, excess volume, ultrasonic velocity, and isentropic compressibility. The densities increase with increases in the water volume fraction. Excess volumes of the microemulsions decrease for water volume fractions below 0.2, level off for water volume fractions between 0.2 and 0.6 then increase for water volume fractions above 0.6. Excess volumes of the studied micellar systems increase with temperature. Isentropic compressibilities increase with temperature for water volume fractions below 0.8 and decrease for water volume fractions above 0.8. Structural transitions from water-in-oil to bicontinuous to oil-in-water occur along the microemulsion phase. The particle hydrodynamic diameter of the oil-in-water microemulsions at the 0.95 water volume fraction was found to decrease with temperature.

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