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2nd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection in Sustainable Development (ICEEP' 2009) Preparation, Characterization, Modification and Application of Thin-Film Cadmium Chalcogenide Semiconductors: Enhancement of Solar Conversion Efficiency and Stability Tue, 2009-11-10
World Renewable Energy Congress VII Stability and Cell Efficiency Enhancement of n-GaAs electrodes by Metalloporphyrin Complexes Embedded inside Polysiloxane Matrices Sat, 2002-06-29
‎2nd International Conference of Pure, Applied and Environmental Chemistry Surface Modification of N-GaAs Semiconductor with Metalloporphyrin/Polysiloxane Matrices Mon, 2000-04-17
The Oak Model Conference on Waste Management Membrane- Based Methods for Speciation and Removal of Metals from Waste Water
Sharjah Intermational Solar Energy Conference Surface Modified n-GaAs Semiconductor with Metalloporphyrinatomanganese (III) encapsulated in ‎Polysiloxane matrices: Effect of Modification on the Semiconductor Characteristics at the Solid/Liquid Junction
Sharjah Solar Energy Conference n-GaAs Band-Dege Repositioning by Modification with Etalloporpyrin/Polysiloxane Matrices