Bad Weeks in Saudi to Hyde Park Corners: Practical Translation of Short Stories

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University of London , UK
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Reem Qadan
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Department of English Language and Literature ,Faculty of humanities, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
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By Monday, I’m almost used to the grim slavery routine and I start to see dim light in the end of the tunnel; the weekend is approaching... Tuesday: My lips stretch in a smile; barely! The countdown has begun for the remaining hours until the weekend... Wednesday: I am genuinely smiling. It is unquestionably the least miserable day in the week; the weekend starts tomorrow.  “Another Bad Week”

This dissertation, titled “Bad Weeks in Saudi to Hyde Park Corners: Practical Translation of Short Stories”, will present English translations of two Arabic short stories: “Another Bad Week” and “Hyde Park” by Saudi author Hamad Al-Issa, accompanied with the supplementary commentary observing the practice of translation. This dissertation will dive into the mind of the translator to trace the decision-making process and present a glimpse of the ever-changing, aesthetic, flexible, rational and artistic procedure that is literary translation of two short stories; to all its own devices.  

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